The Hope Hospice Difference

Hospices are not all the same. They have different philosophies. Some hospices do not admit patients who are still receiving certain treatments or therapies. Others require that the patient sign a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. Others require that the patient have a full-time caregiver.

At Hope Hospice, we’re committed to increasing access to hospice care. We want to make it easy to receive the care you deserve. That’s why we created and follow what we call an Open Door Philosophy. This philosophy means we work hard to reach out to care for everyone in our community who is eligible for hospice -- regardless of the complexity of their care. We believe that those who are eligible are entitled to the full range of hospice benefits. And, we want to start helping those that are eligible at the earliest possible point in their disease process. 

So, we listen carefully, serving as your advocate to provide the optimal care plan for you or your loved one’s individuals needs and goals.  And, we do not require that patients sign a DNR or have a caregiver.


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