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Hope Hospice offers a wide range of counseling and support services to help you and your family move through your journey on a path of hope and renewal. To learn more about how we can provide support call (508) 957-0268.

A family caregiver shares her story about Hope Hospice and grief support.

Individual/Family Grief and Bereavement Counseling

We understand how challenging it is to be coping with serious illness or loss. And, we know how important it is to receive compassionate, expert care to address the full range of your needs. Whether you or a family member is faced with the effects of a chronic illness, the distress of a life-threatening condition, the death of a loved one, seasonal loss, or unresolved grief, Hope Hospice Bereavement Support is here to help.

Counseling is provided for those who need help coping with grief or loss. Our counselors meet privately with individuals and families at a designated HopeHealth office location, or wherever you call home for those who cannot travel to one of our offices. 

Counseling sessions are led by licensed professionals with specialized training and extensive experience. Expertise includes grief counseling and therapy, oncology, trauma, the special needs of veterans, and the emotional effects of serious illness. 

Bereavement Support Groups for Adults
Receiving support from others also experiencing the effects of grief can be comforting and reassuring. In a group, there is the opportunity to tell your story, share feelings and experiences, develop supportive relationships and share information and resources. Groups are offered throughout the year in a variety of locations and are tailored to specific needs, including Spousal/ Partner Loss, Adult Sibling Loss, and Loss of a Child. For a full list and current schedule, call (508) 957-0268. All groups are free and open to the public. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Youth Bereavement Support 
Children are profoundly affected by the serious illness or loss of a family member or friend. They need healing opportunities to process that loss. Our counselors can help support children and adolescents through play and art therapy, age-appropriate support groups, specialized workshops and home and office visits.

Community Crisis Intervention and Support 
When a death takes place in or impacts a group setting such as a workplace, a school or other community -- our counselors can provide immediate crisis intervention. They also provide ongoing support and education.

Support Group and Workshops Offered to Anyone Experiencing Grief
or Loss

All support groups provide a safe, confidential and supportive setting for anyone experiencing loss or grief. Programs are led by licensed professionals from Hope Hospice with specialized training and extensive experience.

Advance registration is required for all support groups. Please call to register or for more information. All groups are free and open to the public. New members can join within the first two weeks of the group’s official start.

Bereavement Support Groups Schedule and Locations


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