Speaker’s Bureau and Community Presentations

Community Education

All of us, at some point, will be faced with caring for an aging parent, a spouse, a sibling of friend with a chronic illness — or the loss of someone dear to us. HopeHealth helps to prepare and support people for these realities. Through our Speaker’s Bureau and outreach teams, we offer a variety of free, informative and educational presentations. They range from Speaker’s Bureau presentations at community organizations, schools, faith institutions, and area businesses to professional presentations at local, regional and national conferences.

HopeHealth Speaker’s Bureau

The HopeHealth Speaker’s Bureau is a committed group of individuals educated in serious illness and and end-of-life topics. They are dedicated to providing informative and thought provoking programs for your organization. Programs are tailored specifically for your audience and offered at no cost. Some popular programs include the following:

  • The Road We Are All On: Healthy Planning for the Future
  • Grief and Loss: Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others
  • Addressing Loss and Grief in Your Organization: A Gentle and Practical Approach
  • Understanding Dementia
  • Caring for Veterans Impacted by Serious Illness
  • Conversations for Peace of Mind Before There’s A Crisis: Advance Care Planning
    • HopeHealth has partnered with Honoring Choices Massachusetts, a consumer focused, nonprofit organization which informs and empowers adults to make a personal health care plan and connect to the best possible care that honors their values and choices, all through their lives. Advance care planning is not about one document or one conversation, but a life process to promote everyday wellness, plan for the future, and get the best possible person-centered care. Honoring Choices offers a three-step planning guide to help you to make a plan and connect to care:
      • Explore - Consider information to make care choices.
      • Plan - Talk with your family & care providers and communicate your choices in MA planning documents.
      • Connect - Put your plan into action for the quality care that honors your choices. 
    • Download Honoring Choices tools to begin your advance care planning journey or visit HonoringChoicesMass.com

We also offer training to those who wish to represent us as part of our Speaker's Bureau at health fairs or other speaking and community events. 
To learn more or to request a HopeHealth program, call (508) 957-0307 or send an email to Info@HopeHealthCo.org

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia is unique because it is truly a 24/7 charge. We offer free community education programs for caregivers and the public.

Dementia 101: What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
Caregivers of someone with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia (ADRD) must manage the ever-changing behaviors of their loved one; the anxiety is constant. The challenge of caring for someone with ADRD is unique because it is truly a 24/7 charge. Some of the topics include:

  • What is dementia?  
  • Statistics
  • Communicating with a loved one with dementia 
  • Addressing challenging behaviors
  • Caring for the caregiver
  • Community resources
  • Overview of legal planning needs
  • Overview of memory loss
  • Progressive stages of Alzheimer’s disease

Some of our popular programs are:

  • I Can’t Find My Car Keys: Is it Normal Aging or Something More?
  • Making the Move: When is it Time for Assisted Living?

To learn more or to schedule a dementia community program, call (508) 775-5656 or send an email to Info@HopeDementia.org

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