Individual and Family Counseling

Introductory meeting

Participation in Hope Dementia & Alzheimer’s Services generally begins with a complimentary meeting for caregivers and other family members to introduce our full range of supportive and educational services. Participants are oriented to our resource library which provides information on dementia, specific information about Alzheimer’s disease, and information on home-based care options, long term care facilities, respite grants, and other community resources.


We also discuss our caregiver support groups, which provide participants with essential tools for dementia care. Group counseling is a very effective way to address specific concerns in a supportive setting. Our support groups are provided to the community free of charge

As needed, individuals and families may engage in more in-depth assessment and counseling support to address the challenges of caregiving to people with dementia.

 Sean Horrigan, MD describes how Hope Dementia & Alzheimer’s Services’ comprehensive services help him better serve his patients.



Initial consultation

Given the challenges of caregiving for people with dementia, individuals and families often elect to work with a dementia specialist in an individualized counseling capacity. During the initial consultation, one of our licensed social workers will take an extensive history and make an initial assessment to determine the caregiver’s unique needs and identify appropriate interventions based on their unique personal and cultural strengths. Collaboratively, the dementia specialist will work with the caregiver to develop a care management plan.

Having a proactive care plan in place that changes as the disease progresses is essential for maintaining the highest quality of life for all involved. There are multiple complexities that need consideration and evaluation and the development of a good care plan may be similar to putting together the pieces of a puzzle. A skilled dementia specialist can anticipate the changing needs of the caregiver and the care recipient, provide guidance and support on how to best manage the quality of life for all involved, and connect families to the vast number of community resources available to provide support throughout the journey ahead.  

Ongoing caregiver and family counseling

Caregivers and other family members can choose to work privately after an initial assessment consultation. In ongoing sessions, the social worker continues their work with the caregiver and family to modify the care plan as disease progresses. The goal of these sessions is to help ensure the highest quality of life for all involved and bring optimal support to caregivers through introduction and engagement with community resources.

Counseling sessions are covered under most insurance plans. Sessions are provided in one of our offices or if preferred, they may be provided in the home setting.

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