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All of us, at some point, will be faced with caring for an aging parent, a spouse, sibling or friend with a chronic illness, or the loss of someone dear to us. HopeHealth helps to prepare and educate the healthcare professionals who care for them with the latest trends and research in Alzheimer’s, symptom management and end-of-life care and planning. 

If you are a healthcare or social service professional caring for patients with a serious illness, you know that special skills and expertise are essential. HopeHealth is here to help fellow professionals offer the best possible care to those in our region. Like you, we have an eye on producing quality outcomes and delivering excellent care.

Our professional educators offer a rich curriculum, including in-service training, CE and CME programs on a myriad of subjects pertaining to the needs of those facing serious illness, end-of-life, grief or loss — and they are available to come to your location. We regularly provide education at skilled nursing or assisted living facilities, hospitals, physician practice groups, home health agencies, social service agencies, community agencies (such as Councils on Aging, the Department of Health), schools, civic organizations and businesses.


Christine Greeley describes her appreciation for the excellent professional training offered through Hope Academy.

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